Healthy Eating

Diet is the single most thing that will affect how you live your life. What you eat throughout the day will affect your mood and your energy levels. If you need to lose weight, the only way is to increase your exercise levels and eat less calories. Over time, small changes will give you great benefits. Changing your diet and exercise routine is not just for a few weeks after Christmas. It’s a way of life.

If you want to eat chocolate and biscuits, that’s OK. Just reduce the amount you eat. Don’t have high sugar / high fat treats in your cupboards. Just don’t buy them. Make a list when you go food shopping and try to stick to it.

      • Cut down by half your consumption of crisps, sweets and fats.
      • Replace half of your coffee and tea intake with water (warm or cold).
      • Substitute low sugar alternatives where possible (Diet Coke for example).
      • Most manufactured cereals contain as much salt as sea water. Eat something else. Porridge is good or make your own muesli with oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit..
      • Shop bought bread also contains lots of salt. Make your own with half the salt in the recipe.
      • Don’t buy microwave meals or ready meals (more salt). It’s just a quick to make something yourself.
      • Steam your vegetables and try to eat five portions every day. Choose highly coloured vegetables. Try something you’ve never had before.
      • In addition to vegetables, eat two portions of fruit every day.
      • Have five small meals every day. Keep within the recommended daily calorie intake. Don’t eat anything four hours before you go to bed.
      • Reduce your usual alcohol intake by half.

If you try to incorporate the 10 tips above into your life, combined with exercise you’ll lose weight, be healthier and possibly add years to your life.

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Please consult your GP before changing your fitness routine or diet.

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